'The Eyes Have It'- "I wondered if My words Had touched her, or whether she thought me a romantic fool. " -- Whey Speaker Feel they she Might Be Thought a 'romantic fool'

  "I wondered if My words Had touched her,  or whether she thought me a romantic fool. " -- Whey Speaker Feel they she Might Be Thought a 'romantic fool' In The Short Story' The Eyes Have It' Ruskin Bond , Met a girl in a train Compartment. The Narrator hide his True Condition Of Blindness, He Act Like A Normal Man and Have A Good EyeSight. When he told her that his destination was mussoorie, the girl expressed her love for the heels. The netrrator immagine about Happy Days. He started describing the beauty of hills in October and his  passionate love for the hills,dhalies and delicious that seemed to be very romantic. The girl remained silent probabaly imagining the beauty of Sight. He felt that is romantic description and might appear foolish to the girl and she might have thought him a romantic fool. He also wondered if his word might have touched her heart as Narrator Want this thoughts  Continues after Ending The Journey.

"The Eyes Have it" - "They Seemed very anxious about her comfort " - Who were anxious ? Whose Comfort us Referred to Here ? State the Context and Say What They Suggested for her Comfort ?

"The Eyes Have it" -  "They Seemed very anxious about her comfort " - Who were anxious ?  Whose Comfort us Referred to Here  ?  State the Context and Say What They Suggested for her Comfort   ? Ans:- Ruskin Bond's  Short Story,  ' The Eyes Have It'  , A couple Were Anxious. 🌕 The Comfort  of A Girl,  Who Was Probably the daughter Of TheCouple,  Is Referred.  🌕 in the short story the couple came to Rohana to see the girl of. The couple seem to be the girl's the girls parent. The nerrator felt it from the couples parent-like attention to girls comfort. The couple especially the women give detailed instruction for the girls safe journey. She told the gold do's and don't do the train journey. She instructed the girl will to keep her things when not to lean out of window and how to avoid speaking to strangers. By this Lines from Short Story thIs Is Conform That The Aunty Was CONCIOUS for Her Journey. 

Journey To Super HUMAN Or HUMAN's Will end His Existence ? !! An American Company 'Nura Link' founded By ELON Musk Developed A Brain Chip .

An American Company 'NuraLink ' invent a Chip Which Turns HUMAN Into Super HUMAN.  On August 28,  Famous Inventor Elon Musk   , Who's Founder of 'SpaceX' Company, invented A Chip which Will make Connections Brain To Electronics Devices.  This Device Will Place On The top of the Head . This Will Make HUMAIN More Efficient to Perform Anything.  This Can Help To Learn Anything Very Fast . Demonstration Video On YouTube   This Device Will Place by Brain  Surgical  Operation Through the 'Nuralink Brain Surgical Machine's  This Machine Will Plant Electrod on Brain,  and This Will Help The Device To Read Nuran's Functionality. Accordingly  Elon Musk In Future this Device Can Write Nura Function's Also.  This Device Is Capable Of Reading Brain Waves.   This device Will Connedetd With Electric devices From Brain and can Be Controlled very Easily.   This Device Will Capable To Operate Any Electrical Devices In Future.  This Device Can Be Charged Through

" Voice Chance" Learn Voice Change With Example. Full voice Change English And Bangali Notes.

Voice Change 1. What Is Voice Change 2. Active Voice  3. passive voice 4. Quasi-passive voice  5. General Rules For Changing the Voice Active Into passive . 6. Change Of Pronounce. 7. Change Of Voice In Different Sentences 8. Passive Voice Without Doer . 9. Passive Voice Of Complex Sentences . 1. What is Voice Ans:- Voice Is The Form of Verb IN the sentences that Shows whether the Object Acts or Acted upon.  ( Verb এর যে রুপ তার Subject সক্রিয় বা নিস্ক্রিয় তা নির্দেশ করে তাকে বাচ্য বলে। )  2. What Is Active Voice   The Subject It self Is 'Doer'. [যখন কর্তা নিজে কাজটি সম্পাদন করে] Formate Of Sentences is [ Subject+Active verb+Object ] Ex:- We Eat Rise. (Active Voice)  3. What Is Passive Voice. When The Subject It self Is Not 'Doer'[যখন কর্তা নিস্ক্রিয় থাকে] Formate Of Sentences [ Subject+to be+Past participle+Doer/Agent/Object ] Example:-Rise is Eaten By Us. (Passive Voice)  4. What is Quasi-Passive Voice. Quasi-Passive Verbs are the active in form

Alternative of banned Chinese app in India . Why India ban Chinese app?

Why did India Ban Chinese app ? Indian government notice that some famous Chinese app like TikTok Xgender Steal users valuable data and upload of outside country especially on Chinese server. This can be use for misuse. Those valuable data might be used for illegal activities soo Indian government decided to ban 59 famous Chinese apps including Tik Tok X gender UC Browser.... Here are the list of banned Chines app in India :- TikTok  Helo Likee  UC Browser UC News Xender Club Factory Beutry Plus  Bigo Live  Vigo Video  Cam Scanner  Shareit  Kwai  Baidu map Shein Clash of Kings DU battery saver  YouCam makeup  Mi Community CM Browers  Virus Cleaner APUS Browser  ROMWE  Newsdog  WeChat  QQ Mail  Weibo  QQ Music  QQ Newsfeed  SelfieCity  Mail Master  Parallel Space  Mi Video Call – Xiaomi  WeSync  ES File Explorer  Viva Video – QU Video Inc  Meitu  New Video Status  DU Recorder  Vault- Hide  Cache Cleaner DU App studio  DU Cleaner  DU Browser  Hago Play With New Friends  Clean Master – Ch

'Asleep In the Valley' Short Type Questions

1) "the  Humming insect do not disturb his rest"--Why?  2) what Does "heavy undergrowth " mean?  3) What is Suggested By The Word 'hollow'? 4) where soldier's Head rests ? 5) What Does the hollow describe?  6) Where Does The slow stream Flow?  7) 'He may catch Cold'-- Why Does Poet Fear So?  8) How Does The Stream Look Like?  9)How Is The Bead Of The Soldier?  10) What Is Meant By The Phrase 'sun-soaked'? 11) How Does the slow stream Flow?  12) What Is The Them of the Poem 'Asleep In The Valley' ? 13) How Was The Soldier's Face?  14) Why Does poet ask Nature To Keep The Soldier Worm?  15) Here The 'Red holes' -- What refers to?  16) How The Solider Laying On The Valley?  17) What Are Sunrays Compared With?  18) With Which litely movement was Rimbaud Associated?  19) How Is The Soldier's Innocent Describe?  20) How Do You Know that Valley Is Rich In its flora And Fauna?  21) What Are The Insect Are Doing?  22) What

"ASLEEP IN THE VALLEY" class 12 important Suggestion MCQ test